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Jicable HVDC'17

International Symposium on HVDC cable systems

Symposium's topics

HVDC Cable Systems:Topic Proposals:


  • Progress on the understanding of physical phenomena and materials for DC applications
  • What are the choosing's criterias? How fast do they change?
  • Nanotechnologies
  • Thermoplastic insulation, XLPE low byproducts
  • Ageing dynamics, Stresses on polarity reversals
  • Environmental and end-of-life considerations (carbon, pollution, recyclability)
  • Behavior of DC cables in Alternative for flexible system
  • How to evaluate electric fields at triple points

Topic 2:

  • The very high voltage in DC: 500 kV in extruded cables, is it actual?
  • Standardization in progress, Extension of qualification
  • Development and qualification tests up to 500 kV, including high-gradient prototypes
  • What standardization? The TB 496 covers the 500 kV, not the IEC. Are today standards functionals?
  • Focus on accessories

Topic 3:

  • HVDC LS corridor projects in Europe, possibility of hybrid systems
  • How to lower costs and LCOE? Overall economic aspects including civil engineering
  • Production capacities for very long lengths
  • Optimization of the overall electrical system and integration of HVDC links within an HVAC system, particularly from the point of view of exploitation (eg INELFE)

Topic 4:

  • Submarine connections HVDC: state of the art in extruded and paper, transmitted power
  • Suggestion to extend to the state of the art for any type of insulation, LS and LSM
  • Feedback, fault, coordination with converters
  • Special installation methods (deep underwater, viaducts, etc.)

Topic 5:

  • Converters: technical coordination of cables/converters interfaces
  • Use in renewal of extruded cables with LCC converters
  • JWG B4 / C4 / B1.73
  • Coordination for selecting values ​​of lightning shocks or operation's shocks (role of B4 and B1 to standardize values)
  • Focus on DC switching equipment
  • Influence of harmonics, behavior in the event of faults and reversal of polarity. B.4.68 is working on DC harmonics and filtering, which will be well under way. B1- C4.73
    on Isolation Coordination