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Edition 36 - February 2024

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In this edition we bring you three interesting articles - on synchronous condensers and their role in the energy transition, mobile substations and the condition assessment and life extension of transmission line conductor and fittings. This reissue of the 'In the Loop' Edition 36 provides some content missing on the original release!

For those of you with a love or fascination with transformers and reactors, CIGRE Australia's highly regarded A2 Transformer Workshop returns this year in face-to-face format in Sydney from 30 April - 2 May. More details including registration can be found here.

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Technical Editor

Synchronous Condensers: One Tool to help powering Australia's Renewable Future

The following article has been produced by Fabian Spescha from Australian Panel A1 who was an Australian member of a Joint Working Group (JWG) A1/C4.66 which has produced Technical Brochure (TB) 885, “A guide on the assessment, specification and design of synchronous condensers for power systems with a predominance of low or zero inertia generators”. The article illustrates the importance of this topic in relation to power systems in Australia and the energy transition.  The JWG also had members from Australian Panel C4, Lingxiao Situ who was the secretary of the WG, and Peter Wiehe.


Sustainability of Overhead Line Conductors and Fittings – Conductor Condition Assessment and Life Extension, Volume 1: State of the Art, Working Group B2.68

WG B2.68 has produced Technical Brochure (TB) 905 which was published in July 2023. This provides comprehensive insights into the sustainability of overhead line conductors and fittings, focusing on the condition assessment and life extension of these critical components.  It is a good educational technical brochure and is easy to read.  The Australian members of the WG were Michael Lee and John McCormack.


Mobile substations incorporating HV GIS, WG B3.4

In recent years several utilities have reported on the use of ‘mobile’ substations employing a high level of off-site construction. There is a growing interest in such ‘build off-site’ solutions as transmission and distribution owners come under pressure to respond rapidly to changing user demands. The ability to respond to these demands is one element in delivering smarter grids for the 21st Century.