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CIDER attracts top industry sponsors !

CIGRE is pleased to be able to announce that interest in CIDER ( Conference on the Integration of Distributed Energy Resources) is building and we have several well recognised suppliers signed on as sponsors. more >

B1 Study Committee releases 2016 Annual Report

The 2016 B1 Study Committee annual report has been published in the April copy of Electra to members. more >

Study Committee B3 - Substations Annual Report

Study Committee B3 (Substations) annual report has been published in the June edition of CIGRE's magazine - ELECTRA. more >

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The latest updates from our panels

Australian Panel C6 - Distributed systems and Dispersed Generatiion

Members of the Australian C6 Panel have been successful in having a paper accepted for presentation at the upcoming Paris Session 46 later this year. more >

Australian Panel B4 - HVDC and Power Electronics

Australian Panel (AP) B4 has contributed one paper to the Paris 45 conference to be held in August of this year, and two Working Groups are convened by AP B4 members. AP B4 is planning its annual meeting in Tasmania in October 2014, and a one day workshop on refurbishment of ageing SVCs in late 2014 or early 2015. more >

Cigré meeting in Cape Town

In October 2013, Cigré held several events at the Southern Africa Regional Conference based in Cape Town. more >

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e-News for power industry leaders , In the Loop Newsletter e-News for power industry leaders Issue 10 - April 2017

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CIGRE Working Group concludes Demand forecasting study

The rapid growth of intermittent renewable energy sources coupled with the expected increase in demand side management, electric vehicles and storage is presenting new challenges to the complex world of load forecasting. WG C1.32 convened by AP C1 Convenor Graeme Ancell has just completed its work on establishing best practice approaches to demand and energy forecasts. While it has proved too early to determine best practice, the report identifies the techniques used across the world, the need for greater sharing of practices and the importance of enhancing the current approaches to deal with the changing paradigm. more >

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UQ Researcher and CIGRE NGN member Wins Prestigious International IEEE-PES award

Nahid-Al-Masood, a PHD researcher at University of Queensland and CIGRE NGN member has won first prize at the IEEE-PES conference in Denver, Colorado for his investigations into power system security risks as wind-power penetrations increase and potential innovative mitigation measures. more >

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