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Issue 35 - October 2023

Dear Reader, 

The Cairns Symposium on “The end-to-end electricity system: transition, development, operation and integration” was a great success with more than 1300 registrations (including around 400 from overseas), 240 presentations, 12 tutorials and workshops and 51 meetings of committees and working groups. This was the largest Symposium ever held by CIGRE and the largest event ever held outside Paris. 

With the world ramping up investments in the energy transition, there is strong demand to solve the technical challenges, to find ways to more efficiently deliver key projects and to rapidly increase the supply of critical plant.  The symposium provided an ideal forum to discuss these challenges and to develop global contacts for future connection.  A special thankyou to Terry Killen and Alex Cruickshank who both worked tirelessly over many months to ensure the event was a success. 

This edition includes: 

  • a brief summary of the best papers as nominated by the respective Study Committees the Cairns23 Symposium.

  • You tube Links to the technical Tutorials presented at the Cairns23 Symposium

  • A summary of key issues arising from the Senior Leaders Forum held at the Cairns23 Symposium

  • Information and link to the 2024 Paris Session 

Our Australian Technical Panel Presentation Day is coming up soon, face to face in Sydney on Monday 27 November. The following morning, we hold the 2023 Annual General Meeting. Both events are being hosted by Ausgrid and we thank them for their generosity in supporting us for these events. Further details are available on the CIGRE Australia website.

As next year approaches, we are now gearing up for the 2024 Paris sessions. Over 1700 papers have been submitted for Study Committee review. It promises to be a fantastic event. We encourage those who are intending to attend to book early as accommodation will be tight in Paris with the session held just after the Olympics and with a partial overlap with the Paralympics. Registrations open early in 2024 – more detail will be provided in due course.

Best Regards 

Peter McIntyre
Chief Executive Officer
CIGRE Australia

Phil Southwell
Technical Editor. 



Cairns23 Symposium - Best Papers

These papers have been selected by the respective Study Committees from the 240 papers presented, as the best papers from each of the eleven Study Committees which presented at the Cairns23 Symposium (4-7 September 2023). The papers cover a range of important issues ranging from asset management to planning under increasing uncertainty, main grid and microgrid frequency control and the impact of faults on electric vehicle charging loads. The full papers will be made available in a special December edition of Electra CSE.


Tutorial Video recordings from the Cairns23 Symposium

All of the Tutorial presentations and workshops delivered at the Cairns23 Symposium were recorded and are freely available on the CIGRE Australia You Tube channel. These Tutorials cover in depth topics arising from work of the relevant global Study Committee and are only able to be presented by a member of that Working group who is invariably an expert in that field. CLICK HERE to goto the You tube site where you can choose which of the Tutorials you would like to view.


Paris Session 2024

The Biennial Paris Session will again be held 25 August - 30th August 2024.  For those who attended the Cairns23 Symposium, the Paris Session will provide a great opportunity to refresh and add to the technical knowledge discussed and presented at Cairns. The Paris Session has a similar 'technical flavour'  but will cover all of CIGRE's sixteen technical panels and has a usual attendance of over 3500 delegates.  Information on the Session can be found on the global CIGRE website and delegates are encouraged to register and book accommodation and flights early as the 2024 Olympics are also being held in Paris around the same period.


Cairns23 Symposium - Senior Leaders Forum Key Points

During the Cairns23 Symposium, a group of invited global senior leaders met to discuss some of the issues and challenges arising from the Energy Transition.  These discussions were held in camera, however some of the key issues arising were: