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Global know-how is a valuable asset for any organisation. However, knowledge for knowledge’s sake is not a solution to the challenges Australia’s power industry is facing today or in the future.  As a result, CIGRE Australia’s mission is to support our members in leveraging our global network with a local focus in mind.

We are empowering Australia’s power industry professionals with the know-how and skills they need to develop enhanced technical solutions for their organisations.  These solutions select the best and most appropriate the world has to offer to meet the needs of the Australian market and wider community.

Grounded in pragmatism

CIGRE’s network of professionals has real world practical experience in a wide range of environments and challenges.

So, whilst CIGRE does provide members with the theoretical input they might need, our technical panels and working groups are dealing with real world situations and developing solutions that are firmly grounded in pragmatism.



Global know-how applied to Australian challenges

We are helping our members acquire global perspectives and innovation, and selecting, then applying, the most relevant know-how to Australian challenges.


Enhanced solutions for Australian organisations

Whether it’s managing ageing assets, leveraging existing networks for efficiency or planning for the network of the future, Cigré Australia is helping industry professionals deliver enhanced solutions for Australian power industry organisations.


Helping mitigate risk and uncertainty

Cigré is helping mitigate risk and uncertainty through better informed decision making. This is achieved by both applying proven solutions from around the globe, as well as facilitating innovative solutions to both the traditional and new challenges facing the industry.


Professional development

Cigré is a natural vehicle for the professional development of your engineering team. We foster a safe, responsive, enterprising and innovative workplace. Cigré’s mentoring programme is also bringing forward the best and brightest via the Cigré NGN or ‘Next Generation Network’.


Empowering leadership

Cigré is empowering industry leaders with the latest know-how. We are achieving this by gathering our technical know-how into resources for industry leaders. Our quarterly email update ‘In the loop’ aims to keep leaders informed on the burning issues and the range of possible solutions.


Prepared for the future

With major changes driven by changing patterns of generation and demand as well as the network of the future Australian power industry, professionals need to be prepared. Cigré is helping professionals prepare for the future by ensuring our community of engineers stay at the forefront of the latest technical trends, issues and innovative solutions from across the globe.


Authoritative resources and support

Cigré offers an authoritative online resource of technical publications assembled from across the global network. These are supported by a network of highly experienced professionals and peers.

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