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Please NOTE:  If you have previously been a member of another CIGRE National Committee or a member of CIGRE Australia, but your membership has lapsed, please contact our office directly and DO NOT use this online process. 

Please allow 2 business days for processing of your membership application

CIGRE has members in over 90 countries. National Committees act as a relay for the local members and promote the activities of CIGRE.

CIGRE includes six categories of members:

  • Individual members I are individuals involved in the industry (engineers, managers, researchers, professors, etc.)

  • Individual members II (Young members), aged under 35, only pay half the fee for their first 2 years of membership 

  • Collective members 1A  consists of Transmission or Distribution companies or companies with significant distribution assets in their portfolio, public and private companies, industrial and/or commercial character and have 500+ employees.  Please contact our office to arrange membership.

  • Collective members 1B consist of public or private companies, of industrial and/or commercial character, scientific and technical organisations, research Institutes, administrative bodies, etc. with less than 500 employees.  Please contact our office to arrange membership. 

  • Collective members II consist of universities and other educational bodies.

  • Student members are full time tertiary students aged under 35. Membership is free upon provision of evidence of full-time tertiary study each year.  

For Individual and Student Members

For all, engineers, specialists, academics or researchers CIGRE provides a unique opportunity for personal and professional development:

  • Develop and share your technical expertise;
  • Access international expertise and leading-edge techniques;
  • Up to date information on the latest technology and industrial techniques;
  • Tap into industry trends;
  • Meet your peers;
  • Understand international approaches to the environment, legislation and regulation.

With CIGRE membership, you will build your industry profile, better promote your company and develop your professional network.

For Collective Members

Collective members consist of legal entities, administrations, public or private companies of industrial and/or commercial character, scientific organisations, research institutes and educational bodies.

CIGRE fosters professional and technical development in many ways:

  • Learn about global issues and perspectives
  • Be part of a unique network
  • Understand different cultures
  • Access a wide range of technical information at a reduced price

CIGRE contributes to the personal and intellectual development of all its members. With CIGRE membership, your company will benefit from a higher international profile and visibility within the electrical power industry.

Panel Membership 

Members may apply to join one or more of the Australian Panels. Australian Panels mirror the international Study Committees and are the workhorse of the technical investigation and activity.  Membership provides direct input to technical discussions both within our region and internationally.  Panel membership attracts an additional fee. An explanation of each panels area of work can be found here.

Panel membership requires application and acceptance by the panel convenor.  If you wish to find out more or want to join a panel, please contact our office.

Member Benefits

  • Free supply of ELECTRA Journal, a bilingual (French/English) magazine issued every two months.  It publishes the results of work performed by CIGRE Study Committees and gives information on the life of the Association (not applicable to student members).    
  • Reduced registration fees for Sessions and Symposia.    
  • Session Papers and Proceedings available free of charge for delegates.
  • Symposium Papers available at member price (-50%).
  • Technical brochures and other reports at a preferential price, or free of charge when downloaded from the CIGRE on-line bookstore.
  • Opportunity to become involved in Australian or global Study Committees, Working Groups and panels (not generally available to student members). 
  • A Membership Directory, free of charge, which is a link between members and is an essential tool for contacts.
  • Updated information about CIGRE International and other meetings of interest for members

NGN Membership

Additionally, we currently have in excess of 330 members in our young engineer's network, Next Generation Network - NGN and 150 Student members. (Tertiary Students can join for free and participation in the NGN is free to individual 2 members and employees of Collective members who are under 35 yrs of age.)

If you wish to join a global forum for large electrical systems, tap into technical expertise and become empowered with the knowledge required to meet Australia’s challenging market, register today.