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The engine room of the CIGRE model is its approach to networking and sharing know-how.

CIGRE genuinely believes that the "whole is greater than the sum of its parts" and it is this philosophy that builds the collective intelligence of our network and industry.

Our membership comes from across the industry including large electricity organisations, regulators, market operators, academia, manufacturers, and consulting firms.  We also have members from New Zealand who bring valuable experience from their own unique environment to bear.

Overall, this offers members a true diversity of perspectives and the ability to seek out the best solutions for their own organisation’s requirements whilst helping others do the same.

To help facilitate this, CIGRE runs a series of events in Australia and around the world.  At these events, CIGRE’s established reputation for attracting the best minds ensures industry professionals have the opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading thinkers.

The various CIGRE Study Committees and Working Groups focus on crucial issues facing the power industry across the world and are the hallmark of CIGRE’s extremely successful model.

These unique forums provide the mechanism for debate, formal papers and the collection of know-how, know-how that our event programme shares with the wider membership.

These groups also ensure members across the world can contact a powerful network of experts at any time to get the support they need on the subject area that is crucial to them in their day-to-day roles.

CIGRE Australia is committed to building the collective intelligence of the power engineering professionals serving our sector. As a result, we actively participate in many of CIGRE’s global forums, as well as having some of the world’s leading thinkers on our panels and working groups.