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Working Groups

Each of the 16 Study Committees oversees a number of Working Groups.  Presently there are more than 230 active Working Groups in  CIGRE, bringing together some 2500 international experts.

Working Groups have been formed within each of the following Study Committees:

  • A1 Rotating Electrical Machines
  • A2 Transformers
  • A3 High Voltage Equipment
  • B1 Insulated Cables
  • B2 Overhead Lines
  • B3 Substations
  • B4 HVDC and Power Electronic
  • B5 Protection and Automation
  • C1 System Development and Economics
  • C2 System Operation and Control
  • C3 System Environmental Performance
  • C4 System Technical Performance
  • C5 Electricity Markets and Regulation
  • C6 Distribution Systems and Dispersed Generation
  • D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques
  • D2 Information Systems and Telecommunication

The scope and background for each of the active Working Groups can be found here